Past Activities

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                                PAST ACTIVITIES

  • Feb 18th and 19th the Buffalo Soldiers MC were guests at the OKC Fairgrounds for

the 20th Annual OKC Bike Show and Swap Meet.  We had a great time networking

greeting and socializing with the many visitors out for a great time showcasing

their riding works of art.  Congratulations to the President Bobby "Conda" Oliver Jr.

his bike Iron Horse placed second in his class. We appreciate all that showed up to suppor

  • In February the Buffalo Soldiers were present at the State Agriculture Department

for a Black History Month Program, see pictures.


  • March 18th  the Buffalo Soldiers raised money and supported the Kidney Walk  
  • March 31st the Buffalo Soldiers volunteered for the Habitat for Humanity fundraiser

    during the GloRun.

  • In March Helen Belonga donated formal gowns to the young ladies of

Star Spencer High School for the prom.  Click on link to see thank you letter.

Star Spencer Thank You letter

  • April 22, 2017  several members made Guthrie's annual 89'ers day parade

we left there and went to hang out with fellow motorcycle riders at the

Zodiac Club to support them during their fish fry fundraiser.  Another great

weekend comes to a close and we are preparing for the the next big ride!

  • April 29, 2017 Yo Majesty, T-Mac, and RoRo volunteered to secure parking

areas and then moved on to cheer on the runners at the 25thmile mark.

We are so inspired that we will be signing for the 5k mile/walk and we

are not doing it alone.  We will start training and encouraging others

to get on board!!!  See everyone next year!!! :)

  • May 6, 2017 the club Donated money to the BTR Elite fundraiser

helping young ladies travel to New Orleans for a basketball events

had a great time enjoyed the food which was superbly done by the

Buffalo Soldiers own Lonnie "Lawnmower"Mitchell and his team

    That BBQ was on point.  Thanks all for participating!!

  • May 25-28th 2017 The NABSTMC Central Frontier Conference

we had a blast!!!! Meet great Soldiers and Troopers and no doubt

the highlight of the conference was meeting the Founder "Drem Makr"

his lovely wife, The National President Gray Fox and his wife. 

It was our honor to be part

of history.   Lest we not forget!

  • June 10th a few of the Soldiers rode to Wichita, KS to

enjoy the 14th annual cookout with the Phat Azz Motorcycle club

we met good people all wanting to enjoy each others company

and we thoroughly enjoyed the ride!


ROAD IN THE JUNETEENTH PARADE IN CHICKASHA.  We had a great time interacting

with the people that came out to enjoy the parade and participate in the program.

We left there and went to a Blood Drive at the Douglass Recreational Center

in Oklahoma City


  • July 22nd helped the Spencer community collect and donate water for the local Firefighters


  • July 26 thru July 29th we were present for The NABSTMC convention in Dearborn, MI