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Message From National President GrayFox


As I have been traveling across the "Soldier Nation" this year, it has been my pleasure to visit with the Southeastern Frontier, the Northeastern Frontier and the Great Lakes Frontier at their respective frontier meetings. While we certainly have a few problems in our organization, I am proud to report that the great majority of our Chapters and Soldiers are enthusiastic about the organization and looking forward to our organization doing greater things.
The National Association of Buffalo Soldiers and Troopers Motorcycle Clubs is a unique and complex mix of persons and personalities that are a direct reflection of the many communities and circumstances that have shaped our members. That is what makes our organization so different from others. We unite through our love of the sport of motorcycling, community service and fellowship. But due to our differences, there are bound to be misunderstandings and ego flare ups.
While visiting with the various Chapters, I see the many Soldiers who sacrifice their time, energy and yes; money, to make a difference in their communities. I see the sincere friendships that have been formed over the years and it tells me that our organization is not in danger. Yes, we are still fighting a frivolous lawsuit; we still have a few problem members. We have some members who only want to wear our colors; but we cannot be distracted by those things. Too many people are working too hard to make us successful to let the few disgruntled, distracted members bring us down.
We currently have 111 active Chapters, 2 MAL Chapters (BSMC Ft Leavenworth, BTMC Phoenix), 6 Probationary Chapters and BSMC Korea seeking MAL status. NABSTMC is growing faster than any of us ever imagined and that is a great thing. What we must be concerned with now is the quality of people that we bring into our organization. Are these potential Soldiers going to be committed and dedicated Soldiers or just "patch wearers." In order for us to stay on course, we need commitment and dedication. When you see a plate of eggs and bacon; the chicken participated, but the pig was committed ! Are you participating or are you committed ?
As we move forward in 2016 and into the future, I look forward to the many great times that we will have as the world's premier motorcycle club. We will always have challenges, but with friendship, fellowship and Soldier love we will triumph.
The Southeastern Frontier is working very hard to put together our National Convention/Meeting in Tampa, Florida this coming July and I am asking all who plan to attend to please get your registrations completed so our host can adequately plan for your arrival. If you don't tell them you are coming, you can't blame them if they are not prepared for you. Help them out! They are planning a great time in Tampa and have forged a unique relationship with the Tampa Visitor's bureau and various businesses in the area to make our stay one of the best. Ebor City, historic Sarasota, Bush Gardens and Clearwater beach are just a few of the attractions that await you.
I will be seeing many of you on the road as I am scheduled to visit with the Central Frontier in St. Louis, Missouri and the Western Frontier in Oakland, California.
So safe traveling and I will see you soon.
*Please share with your membership*