Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club - Oklahoma Chapter, Oklahoma City, OK. (Mother Chapter)

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          Novenber Calendar  


Veteran's Day Parade in Midwest City

November 10th, Meet at the Iron Skillet on Reno at 8:00am

Kick stands up at 8:30am...everyone has to be lined up by 9:00am

Colors Black and Yellow



          December Calendar

December 2nd, 2017    Meeting at 11am @ Bill's Steakhouse and Saloon


<p><p><a href="http://buffalosoldiersoklahomacity.com/images/calendar_2017-01-29_2017-03-05.pdf">http://buffalosoldiersoklahomacity.com/images/calendar_2017-01-29_2017-03-05.pdf</a></p>

</p> <p><a href="http://buffalosoldiersoklahomacity.com/images/calendar_2017-03-26 2017-05-07.pdf">http:buffalosoldiersoklahomacity.com/images/calendar_2017-03-26_2017-05-07 April.pdf</a></p>