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Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club - Oklahoma Chapter History



Lonnie Mitchell, (Lawnmower)

Alvin Scott, (Al)

Samuel Terry, (Mr. T.) 

Nelson Lewis, (Brother) Deceased

Gary Rose, (Sugar Bear) 


The Oklahoma Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle club was founded in 2005 by the (5) members listed above.  Approval for the first Oklahoma Chapter was granted January 2005, by a unanimous vote of the Buffalo Soldiers' Chapter Presidents from around the country.


Our Primary Goals are to:

  1.    Be an example and project a positive influence in our neighborhoods and communities.

  2.    Keep the legacy of the Buffalo Soldiers alive by informing others about their rich history.

  3.    Visit churches, organization, assisted living facilities, schools and other institutions passing on the story of these brave soldiers.

   4.   Promote safe motorcycling.


Please continue to browse and learn more about the Oklahoma City Buffalo Soldiers & Troopers Organization.  

If you want additional information on this chapter feel free to contact us at the address below.







Chapter Address:

Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle & Troopers Club - Oklahoma Chapter

P.O. Box 11211

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73136


Oklahoma Chapter Founders